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Is the love gone? Can you find it again?

Everybody loves a new car! That feeling driving off the dealer lot basking in that new car smell! Oh, What Pleasure! Many of us get that urge to trade in the car that we've had for years for something shiny, new and younger... but there are many benefits in keeping that older car, and perhaps restoring some of the love you once felt.Here we have listed some of the benefits of an older car. This stuff you probably won't see in any slick TV commercials. 1) No Car Payment. Yep that's right, imagine what fun you can have with that $500 a month. Even factoring for the occasional repair cost on an older car, you will almost never pay anything close to what you pay on an annual car payment. 2) Lower insurance rates and car registration fees. More money you get to keep in your pocket. 3) Someone ding your door? Who cares! Not worrying about minor dings and scratches is one of the most underrated benefits of owning an older car. Even if the love is starting to ebb, there are a few things you can do to keep the love going a little longer. 1) Maybe there is an annoying vibration or noise killing the love. We may be able to fix it. We just recently helped a long time customer restore the love in his 10+ year old car. Turns out the vibration is something that if left alone would have destroyed his engine anyway, so that's a double win! 2) Headlights looking a little cloudy or yellow? We can refer you to a reputable body shop that can get you seeing and looking crystal clear! 3) Perhaps the sound system needs a little restoration. Car speakers are generally made of paper, think about how well paper survives in the Sacramento heat. A new set of speakers could get you humming a happy tune again. 4) Get the car detailed. There may be a little more beauty left under that dust or dirt. Waxing can sometimes even remove minor scratches. A good scrubbing could do wonders! Now chances are, eventually your going to need a new car, but remember, every month you keep your old one, you are saving money, and hopefully saving some of it as a down-payment for a new car. In the meantime, let us at Street Tech Auto Care keep your current vehicle running in tip top condition, so it will last as long as you need it to. Many customers have said, "my car feels like a brand new car. It hasn't run this well in years".


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