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Cold and Wet Weather is just around the corner (We Hope!)

As winter approaches, and the rain begins... is your car ready? Some of the things you want to check on your vehicle before the rain arrives are: -Are your windshield wipers in good shape? The hot Sacramento sun literally 'bakes' your wiper blades. Street Tech keeps most wiper blades in stock and will put them on for you free of charge so you can clearly see the road ahead. -How do your tires look? Ever hear the expression Where the Rubber Meets the Road? It means where it really counts, and the same is true of your tires. Good tire tread helps squeeze water out between your tires and the pavement. Without sufficient tread your car can hydroplane, and you could lose control of the vehicle. -Planning on going 'up the hill'? If you plan on driving over the Sierra's to Reno or Tahoe, you will want to make sure your car's cooling system is up to par. The proper mixture of coolant can keep your engine from freezing to death. Think of the last time you left a soda in the freezer, the same thing could happen to your engine. If you aren't sure if your car is ready for the El Nino winter... stop on by Street wet winter driving visability, safetyTech and we will make sure you're ready for the wet road ahead.  


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