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Warm Weather is Around the Corner... Can Your Car Keep it's Cool?

We all know that sizzling season is coming. You know, the one where we all search for that shady spot to park the car! As you drive around on those hot summer days, spare a thought for your car and its cooling system working hard to keep you cool. Are you doing what you can to help your car keep up with all that heat? Here we have listed a few important tips to help you out!Image Overheated Car Sacramento Summer HeatIf you would like to check your coolant level, always make sure the vehicle is cooled off before attempting to remove the radiator cap. ( Did we say always? YES, ALWAYS!) Not following this important safety steps could give you your own personal scalding hot steam geyser under your hood... and a nice ride to the hospital. When the vehicle is hot, a lot of pressure builds in the radiator and associated systems, so you should wait at least an hour for the system to cool down and depressurize. If you find the coolant level is low, there is a few things to keep in mind;

  • Many cars require a special coolant fill procedure. What that basically means is that the water may not get everywhere it needs to go just by topping off the tank. Not following your cars fill procedure may cause air bubbles in the cooling system.
  • Many vehicles also require a special coolant type, such as Dexcool, Bmw, Audi pink, to name but a few. This isn't just a ploy for car manufacturers to sell more coolant, there are good reasons for these requirements, and you will prolong your car's life by following them.

If you want to know what type of coolant your vehicle requires, or if you want to check the level safely, stop by Street Tech Auto Care or give us a call, we are always happy to help!


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